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[rs_icon_box style=”type-2″ icon=”lnr lnr-layers” heading=”Healthcare Content”]eNewsletters – Social Media – Retail Programs[/rs_icon_box]
[rs_icon_box style=”type-2″ icon=”lnr lnr-bullhorn” heading=”Patient Communication”]SMS – Email – Voice – Letters – Templates[/rs_icon_box]
[rs_icon_box style=”type-2″ icon=”lnr lnr-user” heading=”Patient Personalisation”]Booking Pages – Lifestyle Forms[/rs_icon_box]
[rs_icon_box style=”type-2″ icon=”lnr lnr-smile” heading=”Patient Satisfaction”]Patient Surveys – Online Reviews[/rs_icon_box]
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[rs_icon_box icon=”lnr lnr-bubble” heading=”Our Mission Statement:”]Our mission is to help healthcare practitioners extend their patient experience beyond the appointment, through personalized, relevant, timely patient communications, and value-added programs. The Result – More Happy Patients.[/rs_icon_box][rs_space lg_device=”40″ md_device=”” sm_device=”” xs_device=””][rs_icon_box icon=”lnr lnr-users” heading=”About Us:”]We are a dedicated team of marketing and technology enthusiasts with over 15 years combined experience in the healthcare field, with roots in Optometry, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Medicine, and Veterinary Science. Our focus is ensuring that quality healthcare and lifestyle content is available to patients of all ages, across all industries, through their preferred communication channels.[/rs_icon_box]
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