Medical Services

Online Presence: How Do People Find You?

Google has been around for a long time, selling advertising opportunities for businesses to reach interested people. Facebook continues to ramp up affordable and very targeted advertising solutions. We use conversion tracking techniques to show you it works to generate a steady stream of new patients, and keeps current patients engaged.

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Digital Word-of-Mouth

Patient Feedback is IMPORTANT. Firstly – it gives your team more information about patient perception, and the overall Patient Journey experience.

Secondly, and equally as important is that it helps give your patients a chance to address any concerns before it can be addressed in a public forum such as ONLINE!

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Cost Effective Web Technology

We too are very cautious about how to invest in the tools that will make a difference that can be felt and measured. We recommend tools that are best suited to achieving your goal.

For us the order of importance is:

1. Look Good (on mobile, web, tablet)

2. Useful for the Patient

3. Versatile for add-ons/extensions (this is where the technical approach comes in)

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Beyond the Basics: Social Media Content

We remember the time when business steered clear of Facebook due to the uncertainty around how to manage it. Your social media strategy is now critically important to establish your practice brand and reputation online, a key influencer of future success.

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Increase Recall Efficiency!

What would you prefer… a generic message or something tailored to you, with a personalised message? We hear from practices that struggle by sending generic SMS messages and wonder why their recall rates haven’t improved.

We help you keep the personal touch and connection with your patients while using digital technology to manage costs.

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Awesome Health Awareness Campaigns!

It takes something unique to capture your patients’ attention these days. If you are still printing letters, you know that they are effective in reaching people at their home address, but it is having any effect? Designing a patient campaign is an art form and our team has spent years refining what works across both print and digital media. We will bring any idea that you have to life, or choose from our proven, ready-made campaigns.

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